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Controlling costs, adding value

Innovative use of data science to deliver your construction projects


We understand that managing projects in one of the largest industries in the world isn’t without its challenges. Advancements in technology are coupled with skills shortages, and the demand for sustainable buildings is paired with rising material costs.

As such, productivity and performance, coupled with stakeholder communication, are key to delivering successful projects and a return on your investment. And of course, not every project goes to plan. When this happens, we'll help you navigate the issues and deliver a satisfactory financial return.

We provide our services to suit your needs. Whether you need quantity surveying services to support the delivery of a project, or specialist services to solve a challenging issue, we can tailor an approach to suit your needs.

  • Quantity surveying

    Whether you need help getting through an intense procurement period, managing a growing variation account, or dealing with a legacy final account issue, we have the capability to support your needs.

    It might be that your project is suffering due to cost increases, programme overruns, or relationship breakdowns, we can help you get back on track. By analysing the risks, liabilities, and costs, we can help you develop a clear recovery strategy with minimum disruption to stakeholders.

    Quantity surveying for main contractors and specialist subcontractors is what we do, and we will have a solution whatever the situation.

  • Construction claims

    Even the most carefully planned projects can lead to disputes. It’s how these disputes are managed that will determine your success. Whether pursuing or defending a claim, we’ll take the time to analyse your case and provide an objective appraisal of your position.

    We are scientific in our methods and concise in our report writing. As such, we produce high quality documents that stand up to scrutiny. We have successfully helped clients recover projects with cost overruns ranging from £1m to £25m, and time overruns ranging from 4 months to 18 months.

    Our wealth of experience in advocating for global companies will make you feel confident that we’ll achieve outcomes that meet, or exceed, your business expectations.

  • Expert witness

    We call upon our extensive experience in the quantity surveying field to provide quantum expert witness services.

    An impartial overview from an independent expert can provide assurance of the strength of a claim and help you appraise your prospects of success. We recognise the importance of our independence and the need to be impartial both in our opinion and in any advice we are asked to provide.

    We have been instructed as a quantum expert by international law firms in disputes ranging from £100k to £4m. These matters have been technically complex issues involving water treatment plants, groundwork conditions and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) services.

  • Commercial advisory

    Our experience, coupled with our impartial judgment, means we’re well placed to offer commercial advice. Whether you find yourself in a new situation, or struggling with the volume of commercial concerns, we can deliver quick and effective advice.

    We use our technical expertise to appraise your position by analysing the strengths and weaknesses, which we build through discussion and the provision of key documents. We give simple and direct advice which tells you what you need to hear.

    We can give objective views on your success prospects in a developing dispute before you decide what level of investment to make in your time and cost recovery.

  • Business transformation

    Even if you’re a leader in your field, evolving your business is essential to meeting ever-changing market conditions and customer needs. Business leaders need to achieve mindset shifts in their teams that lead to better quality decisions and enhance financial performance.

    Our quantity surveying expertise gives us a comprehensive understanding of construction businesses because we have experience dealing with contractual, financial, technical and people issues. Combine this with data science and we can design and implement transformative operating models and enhanced business infrastructure.

  • Corporate governance

    Given current insolvency levels in the industry, construction and engineering companies are facing increasing scrutiny in areas like risk management, remuneration, internal audits, and reporting.

    We can help you implement and maintain robust governance processes which improve reporting confidence in your business and, ultimately, deliver increased value to your shareholders and financial stakeholders.

    We do this by conducting an independent assessment of your current processes and working with you to develop new frameworks that satisfy your compliance concerns.

What our clients say...

  • Quantik has demonstrated an ability to interact and connect with all levels of the organisation while steering a large and diverse stakeholder group towards a successful outcome.

    Regional Managing Director Specialist MEP subcontractor
  • Quantik's work is of the highest quality and their ability to respond to tight deadlines is particularly impressive. I would recommend Quantik to anyone who requires claims advice and assistance or anyone who needs to instruct an independent quantum expert.

    Partner Law firm
  • Quantik has a wealth of experience in the industry and in dealing with matters such as ours, but gave advice in a helpful, self-effacing, and non-condescending manner. Quantik were a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

    Regional Commercial Manager Specialist MEP subcontractor
  • Quantik provided a tailored service to suit specific requirements to high standards.

    Finance Director Main contractor
  • Quantik are a experienced, technical and competent outfit who are able to understand a unique business content very quickly. They provided value in real-time to teams in a manner which was tactful and appropriate.

    Senior Internal Auditor Specialist MEP subcontractor

The future of quantity surveying®

Reassurance in a demanding industry 

Whether you need claims advocacy, contractual training, or improved corporate governance, you’ll benefit from our tailored, considered approach.

We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients and we want you to achieve a return on our investment in us.

We’re results-focused and we aren’t deterred by setbacks. We thrive on meeting challenges and we use every resource at our disposal to achieve the results your organisation needs.