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Where expertise meets innovation

Transforming the performance of construction companies


With a combined 100 years’ experience working across the construction industry, we’ve been in your position before and we understand what it takes to deliver projects succesfully.

Using the latest technologies and modern working practices, we can deliver the results you need and add value to your business - no matter how demanding the situation.

We have the experience to work across all sectors of the construction industry, including renewable energy, retail, commercial, water, leisure, rail, healthcare, and education.

Technical experts

Quantity surveying

We are experts in all aspects of quantity surveying services provided to main contractors and specialist subcontractors. We know how to control costs, mitigate risk, maximise revenue and secure time and cost entitlements.

The commercial fundamentals of valuing the progress of construction work, managing a variation account, or preparing a final account, are at the core of our expertise. We have the experience to work as part of a team, under your direction or, if you prefer, we are comfortable commercially leading a project or portfolio of projects.

We adapt our approach to suit different situations, ensuring you stay within budget and maximise your profit return.

Financial reporting

Given the unfortunate extent of financial failure in the construction industry, we know that it is vital to prepare financial reports accurately and concisely.

The preparation of periodic financial reports, showing the profit and cash performance of a construction project, is a staple quantity surveying responsibility. It doesn't matter to us what the contract form is, what financial system you use, or what the current state of your financial reports are, we have the expertise to prepare accurate and concise project financial reports.

We’ll take the time to learn your finance system and understand your existing processes. Our skills and experience can help you redesign your reporting procedures so that project margin positions are robust and balanced against project risks and opportunities.


It’s crucial that companies understand the finer details of construction contracts. Not only do they help you understand the agreed scope and programme of work, but they also provide the basis of price and determine the risk profile you have agreed.

We can prepare and manage various forms of contract such as JCT, NEC, FIDIC and IchemE. This can range from advice about a discreet issue or the need to ensure a project is compliant with the requirements of your contract. We understand the risk that contract conditions, such as time bars, can present to a business, so we are diligent in making sure that you comply with you contract.

With a strong understanding of time, cost and payment clauses, you’ll feel reassured that we’ll mitigate your risk.


The way products and services are procured can impact on a project's time, cost and quality outcomes. We understand that procurement is about more than just putting a contract together; it's about connecting supply and demand in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We have the experience to develop and implement procurement strategies, manage the procurement process and ensure the evaluation and recommendation process leads to the best value proposal.

Whether we are asked to provide additional capacity during a constrained procurement period or design a bespoke procurement process for your business we have the capability to deliver.

Planning and programming

We have an in-depth understanding of the nuances of project plans and programmes. We have the expertise to use this information and connect it with financial data to ascertain how and where losses have occurred.

We use our knowledge to identify where projects have been delayed, how additional costs may have been incurred and ensure that contractual notices are issued correctly.

Combined with our quantity surveying skills and our understanding of contracts, we’re able to manage the preparation of delay analysis to produce robust end-to-end claims for our clients.

Dispute resolution


We understand that disputes are expensive for everyone involved. And when the affected parties are unable to reach a resolution, relationships can quickly sour.

In a negotiated resolution, relationships can be fraught and it is inevitable that you will not get everything you desire so compromise is necessary. It is how and what you compromise that will determine whether you can achieve an outcome that is acceptable to you.

Our experience in navigating complex issues will give you confidence that we can help you achieve an amicable agreement while avoiding further costs.


It's a possibility that negotiation is unsuccessful and you need to refer the dispute to a third party for resolution. In the construction industry this next step would be adjudication. Adjudication is a statutory process intended to improve cash flow by providing temporarily binding decisions.

The adjudication process can be daunting and uncertain. When there’s a lot at stake, it can be an emotional experience. With our knowledge of contracts, and our quantum expertise, we’re well-placed to remove the unpredictability of the process and steer your case towards a successful outcome.

We’ve led the preparation of submissions, and provided related services on adjudications with disputed amounts ranging from £100k to £5m.

Expert witness

Given the extent of our technical experience, we have the capability to give opinion on the valuation of construction work across all sectors of the industry and our instructions have involved technically complex engineering issues.

When instructed as an expert, tight deadlines and scrutiny make preparing an expert report challenging. That’s why we ensure that all of our written work is well considered and of the highest quality.

We have been instructed in matters ranging from £100k to £4m, and bring quantum expert experience to the services we provide.

Construction and engineering

Construction projects

Having worked on construction projects ranging from £5m to £1bn, we understand the risks and opportunities they present. We have worked on some of the industries largest and most technically challenging projects. This allows us to grasp issues quickly and our tacit knowledge means we have the ability to do this without much explanation.


Whilst our main experience is within the UK construction industry, we bring diverse experience having worked on major infrastructure and building projects in the UK, Central Europe, South East Asia, and Australasia.

The diversity of our experience brings a broader perspective as we have experience dealing with different procurement approaches, contract forms, people issues and engineering solutions.

Business models

We work with companies at all tiers of the construction supply chain. From main contractors, through to product suppliers, we understand the cost economics of your operations and the typical risks that your business will take when entering into construction contracts.

Our expert knowledge enables us to view issues from the perspective of others, as well as from difference angles. This adds value when we give advice to a client as we know the approach that the other side is likely to take which allows us to develop and implement robust plans.


Even if you’re a leader in your field, evolving your business is essential to meeting ever-changing market conditions and customer needs. Our expertise in data science can help you address the behaviours and mindset shifts that enable better business decisions and enhance financial performance. Combine this with our technical expertise and we can work with you to tailor bespoke solutions that work for your business.



What our clients say...

  • I was impressed with the way Quantik owned the development of the solution and delivered a high-quality tool that is now being used to analyse capability across the business.

    Executive General Manager - Commercial Main contractor
  • If I had to score Quantik’s service out of 10, I would give them a 20. It has been a first-class experience from start to finish.

    Commercial Manager Main contractor
  • Quantik are a solution based, passionate and knowledgeable consultancy who swiftly reached agreement on a disputed account at a commercially viable cost.

    Managing Director Specialist subcontractor
  • Quantik offer an insightful service into the strategic operations of the industry. I found this particularly useful when looking at options of resolution.

    Head of Commercial Specialist subcontractor


Our team have numerous certifications in quantity surveying and dispute resolution, with 100 years' combined experience across the construction industry.

We are regulated by, and have gained recognition from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and we have signed the Conflict Avoidance Pledge. We are members of the Adjudication Society, the Society of Construction Law and Constructing Excellence. Our team have accreditations from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

We have associations with Leeds Beckett University and the University of Cambridge.

The future of quantity surveying®

Controlling costs, adding value 

We combine real-world experience with the power of data science to help main contractors and specialist engineering contractors control their project costs.

The breadth of our expertise and our well-rounded technical ability places us in a unique position in the provision of quantity surveying services to the construction industry.

Our skills have gained us a strong reputation for delivering desirable outcomes, and have enabled us to develop long-term relationships with market-leading construction companies.