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Creating an industry-leading supply chain analysis tool using Power BI

Main contractor
Commercial function transformation
United Kingdom
£1bn turnover

Our client is a UK-based construction and engineering contractor with a turnover of £2bn. We were asked to develop a supply chain-focused Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) strategy to improve the company’s bid success.

A better understanding of DfMA

Our client recognised that DfMA is an important industry issue. The company wanted to develop its messaging around the issue for the purposes of its government framework bids. It was concerned that, if it could not sell its DfMA approach, it could affect future revenues and profitability.

Developing a supply chain strategy

We steered our client towards developing a manufacturing supply chain strategy that would help them understand how the manufacturing element could integrate better with its design and assembly operations. We wanted to help them build relationships with key manufacturing businesses that would improve the content of their bids.

We sent questionnaires to the company’s supply chain to gather data on their capability and capacity. We received over 1,000 replies and used the information to create an analytics tool using Power BI.

The tool enables users to ask data-led questions to find suitable solutions for projects. Users are provided with a visual representation of physical buildings, which helps them identify effective approaches.

Increased revenue and profit

In developing the Power BI based analytics tool, our client now has access to a data rich pool that has improved the company’s bid submissions, enhanced its chances of being successful, and support its future financial performance

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What the client said...

"Quantik were not constrained by traditional thinking and their bespoke service worked well for us."

Chief Operating Officer

"The academic approach blended with practical expertise made for a fluid process that allowed us to move quickly."

Managing Director