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Commercial capability heatmap

Main contractor
Commercial function transformation
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD$2bn turnover

Our client is a New Zealand- based construction company that employees 3,700 people and has a turnover of NZ$2bn, the company operates across 3 different brands and 5 divisions. We were commissioned to assess the capability of its commercial teams, and to advise on the company’s investment in training and development.

Identifying areas for training investment

After consolidating its brands under the one company, our client was suffering performance concerns across some of its projects. We produced process guides to help streamline operations and improve company performance.

Structuring conversations between managers and employees

After consulting with business stakeholders, we proposed using the guides to create a commercial capability framework. Given our background in quantity surveying and commercial management, we had first-hand experience of the grading systems used throughout the company and we were aware of the expected skill levels of employees at each stage of their career.

As such, we developed a scoring system, which was used to structure conversations between managers and employees. Employee needs were noted and each assessment was analysed to create a capability heat map that identified areas of development across the business.

The heat maps identified a need for training and development at various levels, particularly how commercial performance can be improved through a better understanding of planning, programming, and design management.

Clear career pathways, improved performance

As a result of developing the heat map, the company was able to take an informed approach to investing its training and development. Personnel now have targets and objectives, and a clearer sense of career development.

Having set the company on a path to improving its financial performance, we were also asked to write job descriptions for each role based on the new framework.

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What the client said...

"Through discussions with Quantik, my needs were quickly understood, and they worked with me to design a solution. I was impressed with the way Quantik owned the development and delivered a high-quality tool that is now being used to analyse capability across the company."

Executive General Manager, Commercial

"Quantik quickly understood what we were looking to achieve and the challenges we needed to overcome. They brought a pragmatic, professional approach and were very easy to work with."

Project Leader