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Design and implement a new commercial operating model

Specialist MEP subcontractor
Commercial function transformation
United Kingdom
£250m turnover
Building (MEP)

Our client is a UK-based mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) specialist engineering contractor with a turnover of £250m. We were asked to develop a consistent commercial operating model to improve the company’s commercial and financial performance.

Improving financial visibility

Having recently reorganised its operational teams, our client wanted to reorganise its commercial team and improve consistency in its performance. The company wanted to gain an overview of its financial performance quicker so that it could make interventions early if required.

To identify an optimum commercial operating model, we began the process of interviewing key people across the organisation.

We then proposed a new commercial operating model and gathered feedback from directors across all five regions.

Controlling costs, aligning data

After agreeing an approach with the company’s leadership team, we established working groups to undertake various parts of the process.

We standardised daily, weekly, and monthly commercial performance controls and aligned data capture processes with the company’s data structure to enhance overall productivity.

Once the new operating model was finalised, it was presented to all business units. Each region was provided with the documentation and the tools they would need for implementation.

Increased productivity, improved cashflow

With the new operating model now in place, the Commercial Director can review every project in the company’s portfolio within two hours.

Risks are identified quicker and all teams understand what’s required of them. Having implemented a more consistent commercial operating model, the client has increased certainty in its projected business plan outcomes.

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What our client said...

‘‘We commissioned Quantik to review our internal Contract Review process and make recommendations to improve and streamline our reporting. Having an external view based on several years of industry experience has given us a valuable insight into our processes.

Ultimately, the changes we have made by implementing the recommendations put forward by Quantik now allow us to review every live project in our portfolio by exception during a fortnightly two-hour time slot. Each of the dashboard-based outputs highlight any key trends that enable early and appropriate intervention.’’

Commercial Director

“Quantik demonstrated an ability to interact with and connect all levels of the organisation, steering a large and diverse stakeholder group to a successful outcome.”

Regional Managing Director

“We were impressed with Quantik’s positive approach.”

Managing Director