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28 Nov 2023 • Tom Haley

RICS APC assessments

After a short period out, I have committed to assess again this year, and will be involved in APC Session Two 2023.

It is a real privilege to be part of the RICS APC assessment process. I always find the submissions to be interesting and reading the case studies gets me thinking about the issue the candidate faced, and I learn from that process. I really enjoy reading about different sectors, contracts, procurement routes etc. It is fascinating and one of the many reasons I continue to act as an assessor.

I thought it might be helpful to write a few tips for those that are working towards their APC, either sitting in the next session or a future one (if my fellow assessors would like to add to these tips, please feel free to do so in the comments – the more the better):

  • Read the pathway guide. When I assess, I put this alongside a candidate’s experience record to see whether it meets the requirements of the guide. Be sure that you know what is expected of you.
  • Read your experience record. Look at it from an assessor’s perspective. Are there any gaps against the guide? When assessing I will normally ask questions if there are gaps, so that might help you think about questions you may be asked.
  • Start your review at Level 3. If your Level 1 (knowing) is well described and your Level 3 (advising) is scant, you might be up against it when it comes to demonstrating to the panel that you are at Level 3. This is the bar you need to get over to pass.
  • Practice your presentation and time it. Try and set the scene quickly and spend the larger proportion of your time talking about what you did. I have seen candidates take 6-7 mins introducing and then rush the section where they describe what they did. This will put you under pressure for the rest of the interview, and it can often be hard to recover so get this right with practice.
  • Make sure you know what is required of you if you become MRICS and take steps to start up your own firm. You might have no intention to do this, but you need to know, and you will more than likely be asked about it. The RICS website has loads of good information which will help – start there.

The assessors are there to make sure standards are met, but we are not there to trip you up or make your life difficult. We have all been in your position at one point and we know what it is like.

Remember it’s only an hour so try to relax, be yourself and do your best.

Good luck.

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