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12 Jun 2023 • Tom Haley

"Just learn how to get stuff done"

"Just learn how to get stuff done"

I couldn't have said it better, Mr Obama!

In my view, as an industry, there are occasions where we seem to spend a lot of time talking about problems, or debating what the problem is, where this time would be better invested in getting on with solving the problem.

Even worse, I have seen examples where people in leadership positions cause problems and blame everyone else for not solving them. Those are very toxic behaviours which tend to be a product of weak, and / or entitled, leadership.

I humbly agree with Barack Obama's advice, and I would advise any young person to work with good problem solvers. The experience of "learning to just get stuff done" will be the backbone of your career and, wherever you go or whatever you do, you will always stand out.

I am very grateful to those who taught me this during my formative years in the construction industry.

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