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29 May 2024 • Tom Haley

Bringing The science of Quantik® to you

Quantik’s mission is to transform the way quantity surveying services are delivered in the construction industry, and this was the inspiration behind our The Science of Quantik® article content.

We have been contemplating how we can extend and amplify the impact of our recent content, which has been focused on improving quantity surveying standards in the construction industry. The five-minute articles have attempted to cover a wide area in a short space of time and give you as many top tips or reflection points as we can; always with the aim to help you improve.

This has been very effective to date, so much so that we have experienced a 100% increase in readership over the last 6 weeks alone. This tells us there are many others in our network who are passionate about advancing the quantity surveying profession and raising performance in the construction industry.

But could we do more to promote best practice and raise standards? Our unequivocable answer to this question was “yes”. That was an easy question to answer; the harder question was how that might be achieved.

What we have enjoyed about the QS fundamentals is testing ourselves on the topic. In a five-minute article what do you really need to know and what might help you improve what you do on a day-to-day basis? That has been challenging but, strangely, also very satisfying because there is no time to waste, and we must get to the point quickly.

So, we thought about how we can take that concept one step further and bring The Science of Quantik® to life.

Let us explain.

Building on the concept, widening the impact

If our articles have resonated, or are resonating, with a challenge you are experiencing, then our proposal to bring the The Science of Quantik® to you is straightforward and works like this.

How about you set us a challenge on a Monday and we hold a one-hour tailor-made workshop with you and your team on Friday of the same week to help you find a way through it?

Another challenge Annika style situation (Google it, younger readers) where our skills and knowledge are put to the test. Will we succeed or will we fail? Can we provide value to you in a one-hour workshop with only key pieces of information on your business issue? The suspense is palpable (yeah, ok, we know it isn’t but humour us at least until the end of this article!).

That is quite a wide proposition, so it might help if we put a few specifics to it.

The deal

There would be no charge and, beyond making your team available for the workshop, there would not be much for you to do.

It is crucial to us that you benefit from improving performance and that we benefit from improving our performance. This is what we are looking for - that win/win outcome possibility.

We want to help solve real challenges and for our time to deliver value. That means that it needs to be a real-life issue where some direction or a sounding board could be the key to unlocking the problem.

We are looking to work with teams rather than individuals. We find that a group of people allows a complex problem to be viewed from different perspectives, and this improves the quality of the outcome.

We would say that a group of 6-8 people is optimum, as any more would dilute the value of the conversation.

The possibilities

It might help if we gave you some examples of the type of issues that come to mind for us and might be something you would like to cover in a one-hour workshop.

• You are looking to raise standards within your commercial team on a particular issue. It might be one of the QS fundamentals article topics or it could be something different. You might see the value of getting some outside ideas on what good could look like for you.

• You might be thinking about raising standards in your delivery team, but you need a catalyst to get this moving. You might be starting a project or hitting a tricky patch on an existing project. Giving the team a reminder of the need to keep good records and us sharing some examples of what happens if you don’t, might be what you need to focus the mind.

• Perhaps you are wrestling with a tricky commercial issue where you would like to workshop some options on what do next. It might be that you are a bit stuck and just need some help. A discussion with someone who doesn’t carry the emotional baggage might help bring some objectivity to your thinking.

• You could have a business objective to increase the commercial performance of your company. A discussion with your leadership team about your objective and how to best achieve it might just help define a path that you can all follow. Someone who can bring a fresh perspective and help you frame a realistic plan might help you achieve your objective.

These are just a few possibilities to help you think about bringing The science of Quantik® to you could add value to you and your business.

Next steps

If you are interested in us bringing The Science of Quantik® to you, all you need to do is provide a few very basic details in this form (duplicated link also below).

It should take you no more than two minutes to complete and, once received, we will contact you with the next steps.

Form - Click here

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